Path to Data Analytics

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Data analytics alludes to quantitative and subjective systems and procedures used to improve profit and business pick up. Data is removed and sorted to analyze and identify behavioral data and examples, and strategies differ as per hierarchical prerequisites.Data analytics is essentially led in business-to-client (B2C) applications.

Data Science is the latest trend in the industry. Although initially many rejected as a simple fashion, but now over the years several organizations have realized the potential of data science to generate useful information from structured and unstructured data.

From banks to e-commerce companies to manufacturing industries, they all understood the importance of data science career and adopted it in their daily activities to improve their performance.

Here are my 5 tips for entering an Analytics Career

1. Learn the Basic tools -SAS, SPSS, R, and SQL.With regard to tools in the analytical industry, SAS and SPSS were popular before the open source revolution took the industry by storm. Open Source tools like R and Python are the next big thing and it would make sense to invest time on them

There are enough resources freely available on the web to learn both R and Python. For people with coding skills in object-oriented languages like Java will find Python intuitive. But R is the best tool (personal opinion) when it comes to statistical modeling and it is also the preferred tool in academia.

For an absolute beginner, the initiation course at will help. But the best way to learn these software is to do. So I suggest that one should reproduce the available codes and test it on some dummy data sets to understand what is going on.

2.Internship – Try to get an internship in data analytics role. People during engineering doesn’t give much weight to an internship but it one of the most important steps towards your dream job/company/profile.
Check out for latest internships available.

3.Attend Industry forums – There are various industry forums, meet and conferences which you can attend to gain an understanding of the subject. SAS Forum (held annually) is one of the places to meet some of the best people in industry. Videos and proceedings of SAS India Forum and Global forum might be available on the internet.

4.Connect to people – Since it is a small industry today, most of the people know each other. Find out how can you connect and talk to people in industry. They are your best sources of information.
Try connecting people at LinkedIn you may be able to find some top Data analyst there.
Start with me.

5.Apply for Job – Make a case study of your work and showcase to the top management. Else, add it to your CV. If your organization is not supportive of your Analytics initiative, look outside in the relevant domain. There would be plenty of opportunities outside for a person with your new found skills!

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